*The Future of Wallpaper* Christopher Jug George

His summer-brown smile haunts me. I sense him now, unlike before, he is closer to me. He is gone.

As Long as You Are with Me Will You Remind Me of This Moment When I Am Lost?


As Long as You Are with Me Will You Remind Me of This Moment When I Am Lost?

This is the part where we do what we can to make it all work because we can hear life’s clock ticking . . .  as a reminder of this, we should all own clucking clocks with funny birds inside of them that come out every hour and do hilarious things like chirp, waddle, and splay.

I Hope You Laugh Forever (Abridged Version)

6 -I Hope You Laugh Forever

I Hope You Laugh Forever (Abridged Version)

The two sisters sat in the kitchen and laughed. No one else was home.

5 They've All Come Home From the Races Now

They’ve all come home from the races now.



7 I am Smarter than him

I am smarter than him.



11 - How Fast Was Your Car Going?

How fast was your car going?




Her eyes keep people alive; they supply blood to the heart.


The grass was definitely greener on that day.

We Were Just Standing There Out in the Open


We Were Just Standing There Out in the Open

I saw a black orb in the sky. It looked like a planet or a space ship or something not of this world. I told my friend’s dad about it and he said he didn’t see it. I pointed at it and said “it’s right there!” which it obviously was. He said there was nothing there. I’ve never forgotten seeing that black orb and now I understand why he didn’t admit to seeing it which I’ll never understand.


Advanced Coral Gables Supermarket Design


Advanced Coral Gables Supermarket Design

I wish she would have waited until we got home from Florida to tell me what was bugging her. She pouted the entire plane ride down there. At first I thought she was unhappy with the amount of orange juice they gave her on the plane. “Why can’t they just give me the whole can?” Then I thought she was annoyed with the size of the towel at the hotel. “It’s too small! It barely covers my body.” Then I thought she was mad because they didn’t give her enough melted butter for her lobster. “I’m going to soak it all up with the first dip!” She broke up with me in the frozen goods aisle of a Supermarket in Coral Gables. I told her I’d see her back at the hotel. I remember looking at the the lines on the floor. There was a green one that led to the produce. There was a red one that led to the meat department. There was a blue one that led straight out the door